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About us

The Indicain team operates hemp cultures in Austria and all of Europe and is focused on trading in specially made flowers and processed products.

We are also specialized at the extraction and manufacture unique CBD- and CBG-in rich products.

Our indicain aroma flowers come from our own indoor, greenhouse and outdoor production facilities in Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and other countries. The products are completely natural products. Quality is very important to us and none of our flowers are chemically or mechanically processed.

Only in this way is it possible for us to grow a top product in terms of color, shape, aroma and, above all, application. The THC values ​​achieved are below 0.3% and are therefore approved for the Austrian market. Many of our products also achieve THC levels below 0.2% or even guaranteed 0%, so that they can also be legally purchased in many other countries. In our Shop you can filter the products according to the THC content.
All varieties are certified industrial hemp varieties and come from the EU variety catalog.

Each order is delivered with the respective analysis certificates. All Indicain shipments are sent with the utmost discretion. Our packaging does not display any brands or descriptions that could reveal the contents of the package.

Here you will find a small selection of photos of the Indicain Facilities, seeds, aromatic flowers and other products.