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About CBD & CBG

Welcome to the world of Cannabinoids

We are very pleased to welcome you to this section of our website!

Before we delve deeper into the interesting subject of hemp, we would like to tell you why Indicain places such great importance on passing on this knowledge.

We are all contemporary witnesses of a regulatory process taking place on an international level in more and more countries and states, in the course of which medical cannabis, CBD and CBG cannabis and even the recreational use of the plant are legalized. However, there was also a time when the process was reversed and marijuana was banned widely.

It was precisely during this time that many negative grievances were brought into circulation in our society, which lasted for several generations and are anchored in the beliefs of many people even today.

This section is intended to provide you with mandatory knowledge about cannabis and the various cannabinoids in the form of data and facts. Because cannabis is no longer just an intoxicating substance that is illegally consumed in leisure time.

The cultivated plant hemp is a raw material that has been used for thousands of years, the traces of which can be traced back to 10,000 BC. The first indications for its use in the medical field even range from ancient China to India and Persia.

Many people have an opinion on a topic, but very few people have the necessary knowledge to be able to make an objective statement about a topic.

The guiding principle of Indicain is the ecological, social and economic sustainability under the sign of the versatile cannabis plant.

At the same time, the social, political and official acceptance of cannabis should be promoted and demanded with all possible means.

That is why we created this section. In order to be able to inform you fully about this exciting topic.

CBD = Cannabidiol

CBD is not psychoactive and has a low affinity for the body’s own cannabinoid receptors, but very complex effects. It can relieve pain, have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and calming effects, it has a relaxing effect and can counteract insomnia and stress. It can be consumed in flower form, as oil or tea, and it can also be used to care for the skin as an ointment or cosmetic.

CBD is extracted from adult plants and the concentrations in the hemp plant do not change.

CBG = Cannabigerol

CBG is not psychoactive and has a high affinity for the body’s own CB1 and CB2 receptors. Hence, it is effective in treating numerous health conditions. It has a positive effect on problem skin, sleep and mood, digestion, pain, eye discomfort, nausea and poor appetite. It is not addictive.

CBG is extracted from young (around 6 weeks old) plants and the concentrations in the hemp plant change. CBG A is converted to THC and CBD during the plant’s growth phase.